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The effing c-word explores the enormous fun and marital strife to be found in playing village cricket, and its relationship to the big, cash-hungry international roadshow of the professional game. As much for the casual fan as the obsessive player, The effing c-word touches on everything from the aesthetics to the psychology of the game, by way of its language, physics, people, media, laws, history, and of course the famous ‘spirit’ of cricket. The comprehensive glossary is as entertaining as it is exhaustive.

“Great fun and full of passion. And I thought I was a cricket nut!”
Lawrence Booth Editor, Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack

“A very funny take on our exhaustingly wonderful sport.”
Andrew Miller Editor, The Cricketer

“Crackles with wit and wisdom, often in the same sentence.”
David Emery, Editor, The Cricket Paper

“All the richness of the game in one witty little book. None have done it better.”
Andy Bull, The Guardian

“Funny, infectious and richly enjoyable.”
Rob Smyth, The Guardian

“One of my favourite books of the last year.”
Mike Selvey, The Guardian

“A lot of fun! For cricket nuts!”
David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, Sky Sports

“If you in any way like cricket you should buy this book. You really should. I loved it.”
Lizzy Ammon, Spin Cricket

“A paean to the game, White shows impressive zeal in covering his subject.”
Alan Gardner, Cricinfo

"2012’s answer to Rain Men, and @siwhite0 is a lovely man - buy it now!”
Dan Norcross, Founder, Test Match Sofa

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I didn’t set out to answer any big questions, or to solve anything. It’s a love letter to the game, a joyous book; a celebration of something great. It’s about how much fun it is to play village cricket, and be a fan of the real thing. And consequently, the gap between the game in your mind and the game you play – the gap between expectation and reality. It’s about the dynamics and idiosyncrasies of a delightfully nuanced sport. The extensive glossary plumbs the rich depths of the language of cricket, and all its silliness and subtlety.

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